The Basics and Background

Dear Reader,

Here’s a bit of a back story and an idea of post’s to come. The main object here is to empower women in the arts. I’m not here to judge or critic art, but rather to show the achievements women are making in this field and hopefully inspire more.

“Art is a personal act of courage. Something one human does that creates change in another” – Seth Godin

I believe art has the power to create change, in both people and communities.

With our recent election of a disrespectful orange for president, has also come a uniting of the people. The marches that emerged from this election show how powerful we can be when we band together. I hope to bring a bit of that unity to this blog and show some of the ways that art binds and inspires.IMG_1152.jpg

My community is located between the two great cities of Austin and San Antonio, Texas. With the help of Twitter and Instagram, I hope to capture some of the creative events and achievements of women in or traveling through this region. Keep it local ya’ll.

About Me:

I am a non-traditional, Mass Communications student at Texas State. Non-traditional here means mid-twenties. I took my time choosing my carrier and gaining  work and life experience, and avoided some student debt. During this exploration I attended a sociology class, at ACC, with an inspirational feminist teacher. After her class I began to seek out more entertainment and arts created by women. I want to use this class opportunity to continue to spread the underrepresented group of the bossy, bad ass, creative women.  


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