The Beauty Created by Words

One day, while wandering downtown, I come upon a small iridescent sticker reading, “you are beautiful.” This is not the first time I have found one of these stickers, they always remind me of the power of words. 

Growing up, I was told about an experiment that tested the power words had on the water crystals. This test took images of water crystals after being exposed to both positive and negative phrases, as well as events such as prayer.

The results showed that positive words made ornate and beautiful crystals and negative words created ugly blobs.

I love stumbling upon these small reminders of positivity, but I feel this message could have greater impact with a different word choice. Maybe we could try….

See if you can find one around your town. Image by Rebecca Fikac.

“You are Smart”

“You are Brave”

“Enjoy Life”

Or create a variety of positive messages on stickers. Messages that spark mental motivation, rather than focusing on physical appearance.

If words do have the power to create change, then we should be thoughtful about the messages we create for World… Especially since we are made up of over 75% water

Now tell your water you love it and spread positive messages.



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