Kitty Paws Up for…

Taco Cat

Taco Cat is a pop punk band based out of Seattle, Washington. They consist of three lady members, Emily Nookes (singer), Bree McKenna (bass), Lelah Maupin (drums), and one man, Eric Randall (guitar). This band frequently plays around the Austin area.

In fact, I caught them last week at Barracuda, the bar previously known as Red 7. With the new name came a renovation. The rebuilt outdoor stage is where things kicked off. The open-air stage was the perfect setting to enjoy the stars and some live music.


The two bands opening things up had very different sounds. The first band, Tele Novella, was an Austin-based folk-americana four-piece. Daddy Issues preceded them. The band’s sound can best be described as a modern version of Hole, a band I am not particularly a fan of, but they give it an enjoyable metal twist.

This band takes you down a slow, doomy rabbit hole of sorrow, a sorrow that only the headliner can save you from…

Taco Cat! This band can put a smile on anyone’s face, with a show full of glitter and grungy glam.

The drummer was the first on stage in a large white tutu and glitter wig, preceded by the male drummer wearing a costume antenna helmet. The last two members arrived and they blasted off into the world of power-pop-punk. With songs such as “crimson wave” and “hey girl” this band clearly makes a point to write from the female perspective, giving them a unique voice. Check them out!


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