A Woman’s Kinda Day

Last Wednesday, I awoke to uplifting messages from women but men in my life. It was all due to International Women’s Day. These positive messages carried throughout the day and in a variety of mediums. This year’s celebration seemed to be an especially active one.

From the enormous amount of representation on social media to marches and events held around the world. This 2017 International Women’s Day had a strong message of unity, empowerment, and appreciation for women.


The first Women’s Day was rallied together by American women, in 1907. After a short stint in Russia, Women’s Day was reclaimed in 1977 by the United Nations. Today, the holiday is intended to keep an on-going dialog about gender inequalities still remaining and the history of Women’s Suffrage .

Image from march, found at Pixaby.


What better way to celebrate women than with Snapchat filters (example on left). Hashtag’s such as #InspiresMe, #FutureIsFemale and #DayWithoutAWomen were trending on Twitter and Instagram.  YouTube was full of historical videos and commentary regarding the struggles women have faced.

While some of that may sound sarcastic, it’s not! By taking this international event to social media it got a great amount of coverage. It was also a nice little boost to my women’s day and I am sure I was not the only one.


Some local radio stations joined in on the girl power, by featuring female DJ’s all day.  KTSW, the college radio station in San Marcos, Texas, held a showcase at a local bar.  I got to attend this event. Play Like a GRRRL  was held at KIVA, a low ceiling basement bar. The cover at the door went to the Caldwell Women’s Center. The venue featured live music, vendors, and cute backdrop for memorable photos.

Venders: +Oddballl Vintage +Zucchini Kill Bakery +Rachel Glasheen Jewelry Supply +Feminists United at Texas State University

Music: +Baby Bangs +Mamalarky +Rock Bottom String Band  +Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy +BluMoon

“Vagina, Vagina, Vagina,” repeated Ryan Seiler (bass) and the majority of  Rock Bottom String Band, at soundcheck. Image by Rebecca Fikac


The bands were mostly folky-gypsy-Americana. Many of them featured unconventional instruments like washboards, bottles, and a bucket kick drum (pretty crafty design by Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, drummer).

I sadly was unable to see Baby Bangs, but I highly recommend checking her out. She is bae punk! Bae punk is any angsty, pop-punk, female artist. She is based out of San Antion, so I hope to get to see her soon.

No matter what you did on International Women’s Day, I hope you either got celebrated your own womanhood or the womanhood of someone close to you. Keep sharing the positive vibes with your fellow ladies.


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