Insta Death by Glitter

Glitter Death is a storefront based out of Hollywood, California, this store brings together a love for rock ‘n’ roll and fashion. Founded as Beauty is Pain Boutique in 2008 by Rio Warner and her husband, this local legend changed its name to Glitter Death in 2012.

The store is lined with brightly colored vintage clothing, killer records, and occasionally even live music. I have yet to visit but found out about this store from the owners Instagram a number of years ago. She posts images of adorable animals and her Technicolor adventures in the world of fashion. It’s super fun so you should check her out!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 8.47.32 PM

Rio Warner is a designer and all around boss babe. On top of running her own business, she has also designed for singers such as Melanie Martinez and Ariana Grande.

Rio combines her bold and fun aesthetic into everything she does. Her collection and store items feature bubbly cartoon characters and are heavily influenced by 90s fashion. It’s where I feel the Powerpuff Girl villains would go to pick up party outfits.


My most recent fashion-related projects have been somewhat influenced by Miss Rio’s wonderful Instagram feed. I have recently taken on spiffing up my personal wardrobe and making patches.

I find Rio’s brightly colored take on punk refreshing and innovative. Most of us have to cover ourselves in fabric before leaving the house, why not spice it up with glitter and handcrafted bows.

Hope you find Glitter Death as inspirational as I did. Feel free to post a link to anything else you’ve been digging lately.




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