Guerrillas Give Homework

Guerrilla Girls

The History:

The Guerrilla Girls got started in New York, around 1985. They were founded by a group of female artist, that wanted to change the white male domination of art world. Since then they have expanded to other inequalities around the world.

These women took to the streets by clever pairing shocking headlines, informed statistics, and bold images. Here are some examples of statements used on Guerrilla Girl posters, “do woman have to be naked to get in the Met. Museum” and “bus companies are more enlightened than NYC galleries”.

These art projects are simply put critics of the world around us put in a fun and understandable form.

The Movement & Assignment:

The assignment is to pick a complaint and creatively express it.

My complaint is with bathroom bills that have been popping up around the United States. These bills make it illegal to use a restroom that does not match your birth certificate. I think this bill goes too far. My bodily functions and genitals are not a matter of public information or debate. This bill is an invasion of our rights.


Above is my creative complaint. It is a hand-stitched embroidered piece. It came out as more of a positive message than a complaint. I don’t care where you pee, as long as you feel comfortable and safe.

I  suggest you try this out. Whatever your complaint might be, learn from these girls and try expressing it through some create form. Even if you can’t think of a complaint now, one will come to you and you should create something to voice your point of view. Because what is the use of having a voice, if you don’t use it.

I propose trying to keep your message playful, (and so do the Guerillas) because it allows for a more open conversation, from both sides of the argument. This kind of conversation is what leads to change.

Until next time pee where you want and make cool shit!


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